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Common questions asked

What can I bring?

Bring a camera, food and drink. There is a small cooler to keep your food cool. No platter trays and certainly no bananas. If your trip is a morning one, please be aware of the time because most stores may not be open.

How should I dress?

Vancouver has been nicknamed "Raincouver" because it is known to have rain almost eight months of the year. Dress in layers. Use thin warm layers. There may be wind out in the ocean so keep your eyes on the weather forecast. Bring a hat and sunblock.

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, all our boats have either a pump or an electronic flushing system.

How far are the fishing locations from the pick up point?

The fishing locations are about 15-20 minutes away from the dock. Depending on your length of trip, the captains will try a few locations for you.

How good is the fishing?

Please set expectations that this is fishing so it is really all environmentally dependent. It depends whether the fish are biting, it depends on the tides, and it also depends on the location and time of year. Please understand that our captains want you to have a great time so they will try their best to find the fish for you. We do not guaranty your catch.

What is included in the booking price?

You will be booking a private charter. The price will include the fishing gear: bait and tackle. The trip will include the fuel for the boat. What will not be included is the captain's gratuity that we hope you will offer as a respect for his hard service to you. 

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